Voting is currently closed. Do not panick, this is temporary!

Why? Currently, all maps are very unstable and it's therefore not possible to open new ones. Closing the votes are not a bad thing because a new map won't be added right now anyways - so you're not losing anything. We're letting you take a break from voting. :)

When will it re-open? When everything's stable again, I'll re-open the voting but a new system.

What will the new system be like? Currently, you never know when you'll get a map. Does it require a set amount of votes? When does it end? Will we get a map? It's all random and confusing. With the new system, you'll get a notification 24(*) hours before the voting starts, so you can notify friends, family and pets to get ready. Then the voting will start and you'll all have three(*) days to get to the top. When the voting then ends, we'll look at the results and chose what map(s) to create. All these factors can change.

Will the votes be reset? Yes - to make the voting period fair, all votes will get reset before the new voting starts.

I'm angry about these changes! Where can I let me opinion be heard? You can send all Feedback, positive and negative, to our Facebook Page! You can either post a message on our wall (recommended for the best effect) or just send a private message to us.
Click here to go the Facebook page.

New Maps

We don't think it would be fully fair to exclude the Maps at the top of the voting list. So we've decided to promise(*) some maps to some areas! Promise to some degree. If we for some reason decide that we can't create the Map, you won't get one. But we can't see why we wouldn't be able to do it, so don't worry.

The chosen Maps:

Colorado Springs, CO
Lebanon, TN
Las Cruces, NM
St Albans
Guadalajara, Jalisco
Saltillo, Coahuila

It is UNKNOWN when these Maps will be made.